The Sky at Moriarty: A collaborative project with Image in Context students at the Lesley University College of Art and Design. By Aaron Krach and Lisa Young

8173777-96e15b43ce1d1f4eb94bc8fd38288377Available on Blurb!

The Moriarty Library at the Lesley University College of Art and Design (LUCAD) is sited in a former church. The church has stained glass windows that filter light from the heavens. Through the panes of leaded glass viewers can see the sky. We think of the sky as positioned outdoors, but the sky also exists within the space of the library, represented in landscape paintings and drawings, film and video stills, photographs, animation cells, and illustrated books. When we look at images of the sky we often think of beauty, nature, or spirituality. But what does a sky image represent, really? When we see images of the sky positioned in books, do we just admire them, or do we consider the source?

On October 11th, 2016, visiting artist Aaron Krach and Image in Context faulty lead 107 First Year students on a hunt to “find the sky” in books housed in the library collection. Students scanned images and created citations that were uploaded to a shared document. This crowdsourced activity produced a bound artist book containing every image sourced, including citation and the names of all participants. Additional projects included book flags in the library stacks, “flagging” the books where sky images were found, a site-specific installation of twenty-five digital prints of selected sky images, and a series of bookmarks featuring sky images that functioned as take-aways, dispersing the sky project throughout the LUCAD community.

top-25-library-wide_1 Site-specific installation of twenty-five prints of selected sky images.

03-bookmarks_1Bookmarks function as take-aways, dispersing the sky project throughout the LUCAD community.

02-bookflags_2Book flags in the library stacks “flag” the books where sky images were found.

reception-library_6Thank you Aaron! At the reception in the Moriarty Library.

To learn more about Aaron’s work, see

05. December 2016 by Lisa Young
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Artist Lecture at Smith College


So pleased to have been asked to lecture on my work and participate in senior multidisciplinary capstone critiques at Smith College! If you’re in Northampton on November 4th, please stop by my talk and say hello!

06. October 2015 by Lisa Young
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Visit to my Pawtucket, RI Studio


I had a great studio visit with some wonderful and insightful people on Friday evening! Thanks to everyone who attended and shared their thoughts on my works in progress.

02. August 2015 by Lisa Young
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Review in the Providence Journal

FINAL FINAL SCREEN GRAB WITH TEXT PROJOHappy today for a mention in this review of the RISD Faculty Exhibition! See the entire article here.

27. February 2015 by Lisa Young
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Common Objects of Mystery on view at the RISD Faculty Exhibiton

common objects risd faculty show 2015Check out Common Objects of Mystery at the RISD Faculty Exhibition and see new video documentation of this project at here or on vimeo here..

22. February 2015 by Lisa Young
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The Christmas Cat

christmas crimsonCrimson, the Christmas Cat, has arrived at 53 Fosdyke Street! Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the household. She was delivered by the Sugarplum Fairy (see TV)!

crimson with ballerinasCrimson dreams of ballerinas! See how one is teasing her with her ballet slipper ribbon, and the other is petting her.

arabesqueCrimson in an arabesque. What a dancer!




26. December 2014 by Lisa Young
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Visiting Critic at Wayne State University

Just back from a wonderful visit to Wayne State University. I gave a lecture on my research and practice, toured Detroit, met many wonderful students and faculty in the Art Department, and attended grad critiques. I was thrilled with the variety of work I saw and the support and respect the students had for one another.

guardianThe Guardian Building from my tour of Detroit! Thanks Millee Tibbs!

23. November 2014 by Lisa Young
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New archive page on

balloon a detailI recently created a new page on my web site that features an archive of my painting and drawing projects. Check it out here!

12. October 2014 by Lisa Young
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RISD Roundtable: The Capture: What are We Capturing and How?

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 1.29.29 PM

I’m happy to be participating in a roundtable discussion titled The Capture: What is being Captured and How?. This public program accompanies Document. Document. Document., an exhibition of RISD MFA thesis work. The selection of thesis work on display poses a variety of questions, including “how do we manage documentation as a form of critical making?  
DATE: Thursday, September 18th
LOCATION: RISD Center for Integrative Technologies Sol Koffler Gallery


14. September 2014 by Lisa Young
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NEW COURSE FOR RISD: From Instamatic to Instagram: Photographic Practices in a Digital Age

DCF 1.0I’m collecting readings/thoughts/examples of artists’ work for a new course that examines shifts between analog and screen based photographic culture.

Lately I’ve been looking at Penelope Umbrico, Dina Kelberman, and Oliver Wasow as practitioners. I love their work and am looking for other examples of artists who use the web as a source or repository for their projects.

I’m also collecting readings such as “I Snap, Therefore I Am: The proliferation of camera phones is transforming photography and providing rich material for artists” (Gamerman, Ellen). If you have suggestions for more artists or texts they would be welcome! Thanks!

Here’s the Course Description:

From Instamatic to Instagram: Photographic Practices in the Digital Age

“The practice of taking pictures with a camera phone is so much more widespread than an other form of image-making in the history of humankind.” – Mia Fineman, Associate Photography Curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

Who is a photographer and who is the audience for photographic images today? How has the Internet changed conditions for taking, viewing, and sharing images? Increasingly, photographic images inhabit a virtual slipstream that dislodges pictures from both their object status and original author and context. The internet shifts, blurs, and multiplies the relationships between images, from a Google Image search, to the reblog, down to the individual Tumblr page – a subdivided virtual archive that is both produced by and reflects what we find worthy of seeing and remembering.

How are artists responding? In this class, you will engage in critical analysis of contemporary photographic practices in a networked age, and also define your own practice of collecting and organizing the images you upload to (or take from) the web. You will be developing different methodologies to present your “curated” collections including (but not limited to) book, tumblr, installation, YouTube or blog formats.

13. August 2014 by Lisa Young
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