Lyra Angelica and Drives featured in INCITE Journal for Experimental Media #7/8: Sports

INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #7/8: Sports

A Selective Guide to Sports in Experimental Media.” By Astria Suparak and Brett Kashmere.

The “Selective Guide” section of INCITE Journal of Experimental Media‘s newest issue, Sports, is a practical resource for educators, scholars, curators, historians, and librarians, which aims to give a cross-sectional overview of the various ways that sports have been treated in artists’ film and video, experimental documentary, and media-based installation throughout history. The works are arranged alphabetically by sport and by year, and include title, maker, year, medium, duration, and a short description.

Lyra Angelica and Drives are both included in the “Selective Guide.”

INCITE Journal: Sports is a 344-page, full color double-issue (#7/8). The journal is collected by museums, film organizations, and libraries across North America, including the Museum of Modern Art Library, Yale University, University of Chicago, Anthology Film Archives, CalArts, and the Library of Congress.

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