Red Eye Curatorial Class at RISD mounts first exhibition: Studio Lab

I’m teaching a new class this semester on curatorial practice called the Red Eye Gallery Class, and our first exhibition is titled Studio Lab.

The Class: The Red Eye Gallery Class is an interdisciplinary course that balances the logistics of curating with critical thinking and analysis. Our first exhibition, Studio Lab, is a collaboratively curated, conceived, designed, and installed endeavor. A second exhibition will be mounted in the gallery during spring semester.

The Exhibition: Studio Lab: How can one convey studio practice? How can one make visible the hours of experimentation put in the “studio lab” that are excised from the white cube gallery where only finished works are shown?

For this multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental exhibition, each member of the Red Eye Gallery Class invited a peer to exhibit a finished piece alongside selected objects from their studio. An artist’s studio can offer rich insight into the creative process through the objects it contains. These objects might point to the physical process by which the artist makes their work (tools, the patina of splattered paint, found objects, broken pieces of glass or metal), but might also contain ephemera, (notes to self, sketchbooks, inspirational images and collected objects).

The gallery is divided into two zones, an upper register of white and a lower register of grey. Each artist’s finished piece is displayed in the white zone. The process-based ephemera gleaned from the studio are displayed in the gray zone. Individual brochures contain statements from each curator/artist duo as a way to highlight a dialogue between both voices.


Curators: Scott Alario, Forest Kelley, Jeannie H. Lee, Jillian Matthews, Julia Min, Effy Morris, Elliot Romano, Nic Scholz, Arnold Wong, Kun Wu

Artists: Hannah Antalek, Douglas Burns, Sheri Fabian, Keenan Jay, Marguerite Keyes, Jeannie H. Lee, Julia Min, Morgan Palmer, Kendra Pariseault, Christoffer Rutledge, Xavier Donnelly

Instructor: Lisa Young

About Lisa Young

My hybrid studio practice includes installation, book, video, web, and photography. My projects examine the intersection of the pedestrian, the repetitive, and the imperfect with the transcendent, the beautiful, and the perfect. I am interested in the way that the repetitive action of accumulating and organizing can create its own poetics. I grew up in Illinois, completed the Whitney ISP program in 1996, and teach Interdisciplinary Synthesis at the Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, MA. You can see my work at

09. December 2012 by Lisa Young
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