Some reading I’ve been doing

Recently I’ve been reading and viewing “The Free World/Artist Unknown,” a double-sided book featuring the work of John D. Monteith and Oliver Wasow. Monteith presents webcam images grabbed from the stream, frozen, and organized into typological themes. Wasow presents analog photographs taken in the 20th century that have been uploaded to the web, and, in turn, downloaded and recontextulized by Wasow. Each artist engages collecting, editing, and repositioning particular classes of images they find on line within the (analog) structure of the book. Their repositioning produces a kind of surplus meaning that allows me to engage in making my own connections, critique, or just fantastically wander in their (necessarily) incomplete but gloriously encyclopedic image archives.


(NAME) publications

Edited by Oliver Wasow and John D. Monteith
artist unknown – the free world
Hard cover
9in. x 6in.
260 pag.

About Lisa Young

My hybrid art practice includes photography, video, web, artist book and installation projects. I am interested in the way that the repetitive action of accumulating and organizing can create its own poetics.

21. January 2013 by Lisa Young
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