New Work at RISD Biennial Faculty Exhibition, 2013

Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design/Chace Center

February 22- March 17

Opening reception February 21st, 6-8pm

If you are in town, I’d love to see you at the opening!

Gross, 2013

Using a digital camera, I photographed a china lamb as I rotated it 360 degrees. In the darkroom, I exposed photo paper directly to the LCD screen on the back of my camera, creating a series of 12 paper negatives. The negatives were placed in a non-sequential grid and 12 unique contact prints were made. With 12 lambs per page, and 12 prints, the total number of lambs is 144, or one gross. There is a desire to locate these “lost lambs” in some kind of spatial order. However, any perceived pattern is really the result of chance. Gross is produced through a combination of structure and accident, pushes the limits of legibility, and engages multiple modes of photographic capture and output, creating a post-digital analog photographic project.

About Lisa Young

My hybrid art practice includes photography, video, web, artist book and installation projects. I am interested in the way that the repetitive action of accumulating and organizing can create its own poetics.

10. February 2013 by Lisa Young
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