New Work at RISD Biennial Faculty Exhibition, 2013

Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design/Chace Center

February 22- March 17

Opening reception February 21st, 6-8pm

If you are in town, I’d love to see you at the opening!

Gross, 2013

Using a digital camera, I photographed a china lamb as I rotated it 360 degrees. In the darkroom, I exposed photo paper directly to the LCD screen on the back of my camera, creating a series of 12 paper negatives. The negatives were placed in a non-sequential grid and 12 unique contact prints were made. With 12 lambs per page, and 12 prints, the total number of lambs is 144, or one gross. There is a desire to locate these “lost lambs” in some kind of spatial order. However, any perceived pattern is really the result of chance. Gross is produced through a combination of structure and accident, pushes the limits of legibility, and engages multiple modes of photographic capture and output, creating a post-digital analog photographic project.

About Lisa Young

My hybrid studio practice includes installation, book, video, web, and photography. My projects examine the intersection of the pedestrian, the repetitive, and the imperfect with the transcendent, the beautiful, and the perfect. I am interested in the way that the repetitive action of accumulating and organizing can create its own poetics. I grew up in Illinois, completed the Whitney ISP program in 1996, and teach Interdisciplinary Synthesis at the Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, MA. You can see my work at

10. February 2013 by Lisa Young
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