Red Eye Curatorial Class at RISD mounts second exhibition: SX-70

The Red Eye Gallery Class

The Red Eye Gallery Class I teach is an interdisciplinary course that balances the logistics of curating with critical thinking and analysis. Our second exhibition, SX-70 | Christopher Scholz Photographs |1976 – 1978, has been conceived, curated, designed, and installed in collaboration with Christopher Scholz.

SX-70 | Christopher Scholz Photographs | 1976 – 1978

The body of work on view in the Red Eye Gallery was made by Christopher Scholz with a Polaroid SX-70 camera in the mid 1970’s. Today, Scholz is a practicing architect in New York City. His collection was brought to our attention by his son Nic; member of the Red Eye Gallery Class.

When asked what drew him to the SX-70 Polaroid camera, Scholz responded “It was a cool camera when it came out…I wanted to shoot in color, and it gave me a print that I could hold. As soon as I started shooting with it, it changed my way of seeing. I feel strongly that the tool the photographer uses has a great effect on the way the photographer sees. Different cameras have different qualities….and those meld with the photographer’s vision. That’s what happened with me with the SX70 Polaroid camera.”1

Scholz was attracted to scenes that he observed in his daily life (television images, landscapes, cars), finding in them unusual lighting conditions, compositions, or narrative potential. Through careful framing, Scholz points our attention to the less obvious details that surround us everyday, highlighting soft curves, rough textures, brilliant colors and intersections of various materials and forms to create a new way of seeing the familiar.

Scholz initially placed his Polaroids in an album to protect them. The structure of the album required him to group four Polaroids together on each page. As curators, we have chosen to retain Scholz’s original groupings whenever possible.

In addition to the framed groups of four, particular images have been enlarged. The shift in scale creates a rhythm and allows the viewer to contrast the Polaroids with larger prints that highlight the smallest of details, which normally go unnoticed.

Viewing Scholz’s photographs offers a rare, refreshing and inspiring experience: the privilege of encountering the innate object quality, patina, and color shifts in a series of original Polaroids.

Curators: Scott Alario, Forest Kelley, Jeannie H. Lee, Jillian Matthews, Julia Min, Kaveh Nazemoff, Elliot Romano, Nic Scholz, Arnold Wong, Kun Wu

Instructor: Lisa Young

1 Christopher Scholz interviewed by Nic Scholz, February, 2013

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My hybrid art practice includes photography, video, web, artist book and installation projects. I am interested in the way that the repetitive action of accumulating and organizing can create its own poetics.

08. March 2013 by Lisa Young
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